Top 5 Episodes of Seinfeld

The show about nothing is a classic. Seinfeld may not stand the test of time and likely would not survive our current climate of network television, but we cannot deny that the five episodes below continue to make us laugh.

5. The Chinese Restaurant (s2, e11)

If there is one quintessential episode that depicts how Seinfeld is a show about nothing, this is it. Many sitcoms end up with a bottle episode here or there to save money and film in one location. But only Seinfeld could fill half an hour of comedy in the waiting area of a New York Chinese restaurant. From George missing the message from his girlfriend because the host announces a call for “Cartwright” instead of Costanza to Elaine trying to earn $20 by eating food from a table of strangers, the episode’s antics don’t disappoint

4. The Parking Garage (s3, e6)

The Parking Garage is a great example of how Seinfeld took mundane, but universal experiences and exaggerated them to the point of hilarity. A dying goldfish and dwindling patience making finding the car in the large parking garage a timely endeavor. Jerry also gets caught relieving himself before getting uromysitisis poisoning. The car not starting correctly at the end of the episode was not even scripted.

3. The Pothole (s8, e16)

This episode has A, B, C, and D storylines that all don’t disappoint! Jerry accidentally knocks his girlfriend’s toothbrush into the toilet. George drops his keys into a pothole that gets paved over. Kramer takes his adoption of a 1-mile highway stretch too far. Elaine is addicted to a Chinese delivery service for which she is barely out of the delivery area. All four stories end hilariously.

2. The Pick (s4, e13)

When Elaine sends out a revealing Christmas card and Jerry gets caught “sick picking” his nose, two of the most hilarious speeches of any show wrap up the episode. Jerry: “If we pick, do we not bleed…” Elaine: “It is not I who has been exposed, but you! For I have seen the nipple on your souls!” Enough said.

1. The Marine Biologist

“In that moment, I WAS a marine biologist!” Rarely can a short storytelling scene in the last couple minutes make an entire episode. But from, “The sea was thirsty that day…” to “Is that a Titleist?” this scene is topped by none other.

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